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Mafia Game Review

American Mafia has the best mafia game reputation. We’ve got several great reviews from our active 30,000 plus players. Some of them get really passionate about how great our game is.

What? I gotta tell you twice? Play the game. Whaddayou a Capo or a cannoli eating wannabe? Fuggedaboutit, no mafia game even comes close to this.” – Jimmy ‘The Rake

Some of our players really enjoy the base features of the mafia game such as crime:

Murder, kidnapping, extortion. A nice quiet night out. ” – TheJoker

While other players love the endless options that you have while playing the game.

I like to run a few businesses, play the stock market, hell, I might even get married. Not bad for my first week here.” – MrMoretti

And some of our players really get into the spirit of the mafia game and look to immerse themselves into the multiplayer features of the game.

I always knew I had it in me. I speak and my minions listen. And I don’t mean no silly little yellow critters, I mean an army of goodfellas. You won’t walk so good no more if you don’t show me no respect.” – Baddest Man in the whole damn town. That’s who.

But we don’t just have great game reviews on our website. Players have taken to RPG listing sites to state how happy they are with our game. We’ve only ever had positive reviews and this has helped us to become the leading online mafia game.

If you don’t believe us, look at the results for yourself. These are the rating for our mafia game on independent rating sites.

mafia game reviews

This mafia game has lots of good reviews

mafia game positive reviews

This mafia game has lots of positive reviews

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The Good

  • Innovative three-protagonist structure leads to loads of amazing moments
  • Outstanding, multilayered heists and other missions across the world
  • Huge, gorgeous, varied open world packed with things to see and do
  • Trevor is an unforgettable character

The Bad

  • Women are portrayed as strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives
  • There’s a terrific contrast between the urban lives of Michael and Franklin
  • Great vehicle handling makes traveling the world a pleasent and joyful experience