Mafia Game

What Is American Mafia?

American Mafia is a free-to-play, text based, online mission mafia game based in the US. You take the role of a member of the mafia trying to raise your personal rank by completing missions, committing crimes, buying illegal goods and selling them for a profit, and avoid being arrested by the police or killed by another player. For every act you commit there’s also in-game financial and point rewards.

In American Mafia you are in charge of your destiny. You can be as active or inactive as you like but the longer you are online completing mafia game missions and crimes, the quicker you can rise through the ranks and become an American Mafia Legend!

mafia game mission

Complete missions to raise your ranks in American Mafia game!

Are you looking for something a little more political, like becoming the President of the United States? Then this mafia game should be your choice. Through campaigning in user forums and regular elections you can become a State Cardinal, State Governor or the United States President. This adds a unique and interesting dimension to Mafia Game.

Our Mafia Game Is Interactive

When you play American Mafia you will quickly learn that it is one of the most interactive games on the web. Not only will you be able to speak to fellow American Mafia game players in our active forums, you can also commit crimes with or against fellow players. This not only helps to earn you in-game money but also to improve your rank.

You can also become a member or leader of a family, a group of players who work together to raise their ranks. However, there is great danger in this. If a member of your family goes rogue and commits a crime against the wrong American Mafia game player, you might face the punishment as their family, or the player will reap their revenge.

Can you survive this harsh mafia game world? Or will you be the latest missing person?

Play American Mafia today for free!