How to play mafia game online

Mafia Game is fun and easy to learn. Here is a quick introduction on how you can play the mafia game and set yourself up to become a legendary mafia boss in no time.

mafia game start screen

When you start playing American Mafia Game, this is the screen you will be logged in to.

Committing Crimes On Mafia Game

As soon as you login to Mafia Game you will be on the Stats tab. To start ranking you need to be active on the game. One of the best first actions is to start committing crimes. To do this go to the Crimes tab located at the top.

mafia game dashboard

The American Mafia game main dashboard

Once on this screen you will be presented with several crime options. The easiest to do in the beginning is to transport illegal goods across the US. To do this select either Drugs or Alcohol, choose the product you want to sell in another state and order a quantity.


Once you’ve made the purchase select State and then Train Station / Airport. From here you can choose your destination to go and sell your goods somewhere for a profit.


Then you can you sell your goods back on the same screen as before.


Other crimes that can be committed on Mafia Game can be completed by clicking Crime, check the crime you want to do and then press Submit.


Or you select the crime and another player who is the target.


Completing Mafia Game Missions

At the same time as doing one off crimes, you can complete missions to reap greater rewards. To complete missions go to the missions screen.


Then have a look at the mission options available and what you will need to do to complete the mission. You can select a mission by clicking on Start Mission. Complete the mission by committing the crimes as described earlier.


Once you’ve mastered these basic crimes on Mafia Game you can start to play with some of the more advanced elements such as finding or starting a family, the stock market or running for office.

So get started and become the Mafia Boss you’ve always wanted to be.