Top Reasons To Join / Create A Family On American Mafia Game

One of the best aspects of playing American mafia is that there is an online community that is truly interactive. Every Tuesday you get to vote in the Presidential elections; while during the week you can commit crimes against your fellow players to raise your mafia game rank or if you’re stuck you can talk to other players in the forums to gain additional help.

However, there is one other reason why this mafia game has such a great community feeling: you can create a mafia family.

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Mafia game is fun to play

What Is A Mafia Game Family?

On American Mafia, the mafia family is a group of players who have joined together to help each other raise the ranks. Anyone can join or start their own mafia game family and the added bonuses such as HQs and other game elements make this aspect really enthralling.

Why Is A Mafia Game Family Great?

There are many reasons why mafia game families are great to join or start. Here are the top reasons.

Protection: You are less likely to be targeted by other members of the game if you are part of a family. This is normally due to fear that any attack against you could mean the rest of your family attack the aggressor. The only time this doesn’t apply is when one family decides your family is becoming too powerful and decides to declare a gang war.

Intelligence: Many pairs of eyes are better than one pair of eyes. The more people you have in your mafia game family, the more people you have searching for potential targets and threats. This can help you protect your character and find lucrative ways to earn money.

Fun: Playing your own is fun, but playing with others is so much better. Joining a family is a great way to talk with your fellow players, have a laugh and share tips and tricks.

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