Key Lessons That Will Help Win The American Mafia Game

If you are looking to become the legendary Mafia Boss while playing the American Mafia game, then you need to learn a few lessons to help you play better. These little hacks won’t just help you raise the ranks to become the top dog on the mafia game, they will help you push down others who are getting in your way and are threat to your character’s success.

So what are the greatest lessons to learn to help you win American Mafia?

Play Often

This is probably one of the most important lessons that has to be taught. You can’t go on once a week and expect to be a mafia game champion. Instead, you have to be online every day looking for opportunities to further your mafia rank. This includes looking at the latest missions and vulnerable players.


You won’t win any mafia game by being single minded in your approach. You need to look at your options and create a varied approach to earning money and improving your rank. This might mean that you have several shops in different states, run for office in the government and occasional commit the kidnapping. This diversification will help you improve even when one route doesn’t appear to be lucrative at the time.

Target Other Players

mafia game targeting

Target other players in the mafia game to gain big rewards

One of the best features of American Mafia is that it has an elaborate multiplayer system. These other players are opportunities to earn money and mafia game reputation for your character. They are also barriers for you to become the top dog. So look to target players who are vulnerable but are improving fast; they will give you a high reward and prevent them from hurting you in the immediate future.

Take Risks

Being a mafia king isn’t about keeping your head low – it’s about taking the necessary risks to secure your future. Look at every crime, shop, share and election and consider the risks. If there isn’t enough reward, then don’t try it – find something else to do.

How Will You Win This Mafia Game?

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