The Best Multiplayer Mafia Game

American Mafia is one of the best and most interactive mafia games available on the web. Not only are you competing against other players where you can commit crimes to raise the ranks – but you can commit crimes against other players. This provides a little extra excitement as you don’t know who your friends or foes are.

This is transferred to the American Mafia game forums. Here you can discuss tactics, ask for tips or just generally chat with the active community. However, watch your words. If you insult someone or reveal too much – you could find that you are being hunted by other members of the mafia.

The American Mafia Game Families

Playing American Mafia isn’t just about trying to be the best on your own. American Mafia has the added level of trying to make your family, a group of likeminded players, the strongest mafia game family. This is done by simply advancing your own profile while not putting your family members at risk by targeting the wrong individual.

This requires interaction and cooperation between you and other members of your family, something that makes American Mafia a real multiplayer game.

Become The Most Powerful Man In the World

political banner for mafia game

Gain favor with your fellow mafia game players to become an elected government official

Ever dreamed of leading the most powerful country on the planet? In American Mafia you can become the President of the United States. This is done through campaigning on the mafia game community forums and being elected into government. Once in government you can start to raise the ranks to become the President.

Elections happen regularly so it is a case of building up your support early through the player friendships and ties you have build up while playing our mafia game and in the community forums.

Feeling Like Playing Alone?

And if you want a game where you don’t interact much with others, you can do just that. Interacting with other players is an option, it is not a requirement. Though other players may try to commit a crime against you if you attract too much attention – you have been warned.

Player the world’s number one mafia game for free today!