How To Become The Mafia Game President Of The US

One of the most exciting features of the American Mafia game is that you can take to the political stage and become the President of the US. This is a great role to have. Not only does it give you a lot of prestige for your character, it also pays a daily income that can help you buy businesses, weapons and other items to help you raise through the mafia game ranks and become the Legendary Mafia Boss.


Become the best on this exciting mafia game

The problem is, there is only one President and there are over 30,000 plus active mafia game players who are vying for the position. So how can you ensure that you can become the President of the US?

Be Interactive

While many aspects of the game don’t require you to rely on the other players, holding political office does. You have to earn their votes in order to be voted into political office. If no-one knows you exist then they aren’t going to vote for you over someone else they regularly see – so become interactive and get to know people on the forums.

Help Other Players

Other players might know you, but if you target them all, they’re not going to vote for you. Therefore, don’t target every player (perhaps choose a couple of interactive players to target) and instead, start helping other players in the forums. Build their trust in you and develop strong friendships to secure future votes.

Join A Mafia Game Family

One sure way to gain votes in a rush to the top is to join a mafia game family. These individuals, if you participate in the family, should automatically agree to vote for you as it will benefit them to have the President of the US in their family. So look for a family with lots of members but no-one wanting to take office.

How will you join the top mafia game ranks? Register for free and start your rise to the top.