Mafia Game Virtual Points

When you start to play American Mafia you soon notice that there are two types of in-game currency: money and points. Both of these are vital to your success in the mafia game and so understanding how these virtual points work is essential.

What Is Our Mafia Game Money?

Money is the basic valuation of your character in American Mafia game. You need money to buy tickets to get to other states, buy weapons, family headquarters, illegal goods or stocks to trade on the exchange. Money comes and goes between players. When you are mugged it is likely that some money will disappear from your account.

Some achievements, like having a political appointment will pay you a salary every day. You could also become a businessman and buy a shop for a steady stream of income. Otherwise, you will have to commit crimes like credit card fraud or commercial piracy.

mafia game stock trading system

Our mafia game has lots of features including an active stock trading system

What Are Our Mafia Game Points?

Points are a different in-game currency for American Mafia. For this mafia game, you will need to buy points in order to progress in the game. Points can be bought on a monthly subscription or as a one-off boost to your current store. This is the only form of revenue that American Mafia has, which makes us a unique mafia game as we don’t rely on adverts.

Points, once purchased, can then be used to help speed up your progress through the game. For instance, should you find yourself in jail you can use a point to be granted an early release. Alternatively you can buy special items that when activated give you a higher chance of success when committing actions.

You can even use mafia game points to buy more in-game money to fast track your character’s financial assets to buy shops or get yourself out of a state when you have no money.

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