Why this is the best mafia game

If you are looking for the best mafia game online, then you have to try American Mafia. We host an active community of players who are interested in playing and communicating while having fun. Our game is highly reviewed with only positive reviews on sites like Browser MMORPG and New RPG.com. But don’t just look at our reviews; look at some of the great features you can use on American Mafia:

A Varied Career To The Top

Despite being a mafia game, you don’t just have to do crime. There are options to become the President of the United States through careful political campaigns where you persuade players to vote you into office or you could take to the stock market and earn your fortune that way.

mafia game stock trading system

Our mafia game has lots of features including an active stock trading system

Every career is just as exciting and enthralling as the next – the choice of what career path you take to glory is up to you.

A Mafia Game With A Community Feeling

If you like to interact with your fellow mafia game players, then American Mafia will not disappoint you. You can interact in several ways including committing crimes against other players, sending them in-game messages, become part of a crime family or take to the active forums.

You’ll find that despite trying to mug or kill your character one moment; you’ll find they’ll always be willing to offer your advice and support to help you play the game better and raise your mafia game rank. Just don’t give away too much information because they might decide to take you out.

A Challenge To Win, A Joy To Succeed

American Mafia is the easiest mafia game to start on the internet. But just because it is easy to start, doesn’t mean it will be easy to succeed. Yet when you do become American Mafia Legend, the top rank in the game – you’ll feel extreme pride in your achievement.

Learn how to play American Mafia or sign up for the most exciting mafia game on the web today!