Why play the American Mafia Game?

American Mafia is one of the best online mafia games. Not only do you have the chance to raise your character’s rank from the very bottom of the mafia culture to the American Mafia Legend – but you get to do it in unique and varied way. No two players could possibly have the same game experience as you interact with players, commit crimes against them and dodge their attempts to commit crimes against you.


American Mafia is fully interactive through various different means. Not only can you commit crimes against one another like a normal mafia game, but you can also create or join another mafia game family and work together to become the leading players.

You can also try your hand at politics as you ask for the support of your fellow mafia game players to be elected to office. Your political career can lead you to becoming the President of the United States where you will be given a significant income and lots of prestige.

Gain favor with your fellow mafia game players to become an elected official

Gain favor with your fellow mafia game players to become an elected official

American Mafia also hosts an active community of mafia game players who are just like you. In the forum you can ask for tips, provide advice, talk about the game or discuss something else entirely. The community is a nice way for you to get more out of the game and find out how you can become the greatest mafia game player of all.

Varied Crimes And Mafia Game Options

American Mafia also has a host of excellent missions and crimes for you to undertake on your way to the top. You can mug fellow players, rob famous brands or break friends out of jail. But you have to becareful – the mafia game police will always be on your tail waiting for you to make a mistake and place you in jail.

If you don’t want to commit aggressive crimes, then you can be smuggler, moving illegal goods from one side of the country to the other, hoping to make a profit. Alternative, try your hand at the in-game stock market and try to trade your way to the top. Whatever your style of play, Mafia Game has it all.

So are your ready for the best mafia game online? Play for free now!